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Hey there, I'm Tiffany!

Welcome to the nexus where ambition meets innovation, and creativity fuels strategy. I'm Tiffany, the heart behind Artisan-Preneur Consulting and the throttle of CyberNerd Gaming Cafe, known on the racetracks of Langley Speedway as the first black female driver making history one lap at a time.

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Pull up a chair, and let's chat about the road I've traveled to get here. I'm the strategist with a splash of artist, a Navy vet who's never met a challenge I didn't like, and the entrepreneur who believes in the power of a good plan and a strong community.

I got my start with a solid foundation, earning my bachelor's from Norfolk State University, and I'm on the home stretch of an MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship. I'm not just about the books though; I've rolled up my sleeves and built something pretty neat here in Virginia Beach.

You might know me from Artisan-Preneur Consulting, where we're all about crafting strategies as unique as the businesses they serve. But that's just one piece of my puzzle. I've poured my energy into the CyberNerd Gaming Cafe because who says you can't mix business with a little play?

And speaking of play, I've turned laps into life lessons at Langley Speedway, where I'm the first black female driver to take the track. Every race is a reminder that with the right mindset, any barrier is breakable.

Victories at Langley Speedway are exhilarating, but the wins I truly cherish are the ones forged in the entrepreneurial trenches where I partner with dynamic programs dedicated to empowering the next wave of innovators and leaders.

The B-Force Accelerator Program is more than just a launchpad for businesses; it’s a movement dedicated to ushering in the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs. Their mission is to break barriers and democratize success in the business arena. As the CEO of Artisan-Preneur, I align with this mission by providing mentorship that’s steeped in real-world experience, delivering AI-driven strategies, and fostering an environment where each entrepreneur’s unique voice and vision can thrive.

The Hive is Virginia Beach’s nucleus of innovation, where entrepreneurs' dreams gain wings. This initiative is committed to equipping local businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to flourish. My role here is a perfect fit, as I bring to the table Artisan-Preneur’s ethos of bespoke strategy creation, helping startups to established enterprises chart a course that’s as authentic as it is effective.

Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program has a clear mission: to integrate the valuable skills and exceptional work ethic of veterans into the Virginia workforce. My engagement with V3 through Artisan-Preneur (and myself as a Navy veteran) is a testament to the belief that the discipline and leadership honed in military service are powerful catalysts for business excellence.

American Corporate Partners (ACP) focuses on fostering one-on-one mentorships that guide veterans toward their next professional chapter. In alignment with Artisan-Preneur’s commitment to personal, tailored business solutions, I offer veterans a customized roadmap that leverages their strengths and acknowledges their unique challenges as they transition into the civilian sector.

In the 757 Military Entrepreneur Eco-System, I find synergy in our shared goal to support veteran entrepreneurs. This initiative values the unparalleled perspective that service members bring to entrepreneurship. At Artisan-Preneur, we champion this diversity of thought, knowing that it drives innovation and resilience in the business landscape.

The Economic UPLIFT Capital Accelerator program and our Business Architect Accelerator Program share a vision of elevating entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. My work with these programs reflects Artisan-Preneur’s mission to not only provide exceptional strategic guidance but to ensure equitable access to the tools and resources needed for all entrepreneurs to succeed.

Hampton Roads SBDC champions the growth of small businesses by delivering comprehensive training and development resources. At Artisan-Preneur, I mirror this commitment by offering workshops and mentoring that emphasize practical strategies for robust business development, aligning with their mission to build a thriving local economy.

Finally, as a Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Advocate, I stand at the intersection of technology and commerce, where the mission is to future-proof small businesses. My involvement bridges Artisan-Preneur’s innovative solutions with Verizon’s resources to empower businesses to navigate and excel in the digital world.

In each of these roles, I carry forward Artisan-Preneur’s dedication to individualized, results-driven service, echoing the missions of these incredible programs and organizations.


Together, we're not just building businesses; we're crafting legacies.

My ultimate dream? It's a big one. I'm talking digital nomad, globe-trotting with a laptop in one hand and a diploma in the other—my MBA soon and, one day, a Doctorate in Law. I'm working toward the day I can run my business from a beach in St. Thomas or a café in Paris, all while helping folks back home build their dreams from the ground up.

So, if you're looking for someone to talk shop with—whether it's SOPs, SEO, or a little bit of everything in between—I'm your chik. I've got stories for days, strategies for years, and a knack for making businesses boom... we're talkin' $2M worth of BOOM. 

Let's make something great together.

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